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Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay Located a little off the main road, the relatively modern Hotel Kimberly offers its guests full services and facilities in the form of amply-sized rooms and recreational activities in order for guests to really have a pleasant stay. The rooms can have either a garden or a pool view, and are opened [...]

MI-JO Hotel Tagaytay

Visitors to MI-JO Hotel in Tagaytay are first struck by the appearance of the hotel. This 24-hour hotel located just 1 kilometer away from the Tagaytay rotunda looks simply like a big vacation house overlooking the lake and volcano. Upon closer inspection, however, guests realize that it is actually a hotel – a home within [...]

Potter’s Ridge Hotel

Potter’s Ridge Hotel One of the newly-built hotels in the Tagaytay area, the Potter’s Ridge Hotel is one place which truly takes guests away from the pressures of modern life. It is located along the main highway, on the side overlooking the Taal Lake and Volcano, and seen from the outside, the hotel looks quite [...]

Residence Inn Tagaytay

Residence Inn Tagaytay Residence Inn in Tagaytay has existed for a long time and has been one of the staple destinations in the area. Upon entering the inn, one would be greeted by various animal sounds – and this is not surprising, because the place is also a zoo. A hotel within a zoo sounds [...]

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast

The Boutique Bed and Breakfast is indeed a rare find among Tagaytay’s hotels and resorts. This bed and breakfast and boutique hotel opened only in 2007, and is still what one may consider a ‘secret destination’, far removed from the crowds. Its classic design featuring a combination of stone floors and sparkling white walls is [...]

Fat Bill’s Bed and Breakfast

Fat Bill’s Bed and Breakfast This B and B along the main highway of Tagaytay is said to be a haven of comfort for the weary. Tagaytay is famous for its view and its climate, and Fat Bill’s Bed and Breakfast strives to make the most of these aspects of the popular summer destination. Tagaytay [...]

Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel The Taal Vista Hotel has unarguably the best view of the famous lake and volcano. Its gardens face the lake head-on, and has long been a popular picture-taking spot for tourists. Even though the hotel has existed since the early 80′s, it has recently undergone a major renovation and can now boast [...]

Sonya’s Garden Bed and Breakfast

Sonya’s Garden Bed and Breakfast is a delight to all the senses. It has long been a famous restaurant and cafe because of its organic gourmet cuisine and its beautiful surroundings accentuating the wonders of nature. The concept of a garden in Tagaytay is an ingenious idea, and so this place was born. As more [...]

Emiramona Garden Hotel

Emiramona Garden Hotel Emiramona Garden Hotel takes advantage of Tagaytay’s fertile soil and mild climate with its beautiful and lush gardens that surround the hotel. The newly-built hotel exudes Old World charm with its Italian-villa inspired architecture and its combination of traditional comforts with modern conveniences. The hotel’s rooms and suites are divided into a [...]

Days Hotel Tagaytay

Days Hotel Tagaytay This franchise of the popular Days Hotel chain is another retreat from the pressures of the city. Located along the main highway, just off the Tagaytay rotunda, the hotel offers the ultimate in luxury and modern amenities along with a breathtaking view of the lake and volcano. All of its 68 rooms [...]

Boracay Hotels

Boracay is a beautiful beach paradise located in the center of the Philippines. This tropical beach paradise has an area of only 10.32 square kilometers. Boracay has a population of only 12,000 people. Boracay Island is under the province of Aklan and sits at the north western tip of Panay Island. The island is seven kilometers long and is shaped like a dog bone.

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